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Uh oh! This past sunday I jumped in the car to go and get a new bulb for the front directional. Well about half mile from my house I hear the unexpected!! Ratteling and a low rumble from outside the car. At that point there was oil pressure so I didn't panic too bad. I pulled off in a parking lot and turned off the engine and took a look under the hood. Found nothing out of the ordinary, so I went back in and started it back up, had oil pressure at this point but the cams were tickin' like mad. I looked again under the hood while it was running and heard the tickin noise louder and while I was listen I began hearing the chain smacking around, that when I panic set in and I quickly turned off the car while I was tunring it off I saw that the oil pressure that was there was gone.

The car is currently being looked at by the mechanic and he is a bit concerned since he never seen a Benz loose it oil pressure like that.

Both he and I are awaiting the diagnoses of the damage done. It would be nice if nothing happened, but I'm a bit concerned. When it happened the engine really was not up to operating temperature and I was going down a side street under 20mph, so my thought is that damage if any might be minor....

I'll keep everyone posted...has this happened to anyone else? The car has about 146,000 miles on it and run's like a top.
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