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i have a 95 c220 with 95k miles and has been doing fine until last friday when it won't start. the battery was fine because the dome light and head light can be turned on but when i crank the key there wasn't any click like when the battery is dead. then i floor the gas padel and turn the key at the same time the engine finally whined and turned a little and it finally started after about 90 seconds with my food on the gas and turning the key at the same time. I droved for 2 hours straight and turned off the engine. when i try to start the engine again it hesitated a little and made a harsh grinding noise for about 5 seconds but it started and it has no problem after that. Any thoughts anyone??
also my car has almost 100k on it already, what should i change besides break rotor/pads/sensors, oxygen sensor, fuel filter, spark plugs/ignition wires(?), air filter, oil, coolant (transmission fluid changed at75k), and break fluid???? thank you!!!
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