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Originally Posted by twr
I heard that if your tank is less than full and if you add gasohol (if you can find it) about 2-3 gallons almost any car will make it . Also I heard from gross polluters adding paint thinner (1/2 gallon) and passing the test , but just think of all the rubber gaskets.
California RFG II IS "gasohol" because it requires two percent oxygen by mass year around and the only acceptable oxygenate is ethanol. Apparently you're not aware of that.

Paint thinner! Never heard that one, but there is more BS floating around about how to pass emission tests than about motor oil or spark plugs. A gross polluter is going to need a lot more than a fuel spike with paint thinner or snake oil to pass the test. It's going to need some serious repairs!

The best way to pass an emission test, assuming your car is in reasonably good working order and has not been tampered, is to follow the advice I have provided about properly "conditioning" your car, and go to a drive through inspection station that is courteous, efficient, and DOESN'T TURN OFF THE ENGINE prior to running the tailpipe test.

In the many, many, many posts I have made about emission tests I have taught (those who actually read them) how to analyse the test report to understand what is goiing on inside the engine and catalyst. O2 and CO readings tell us a lot about how efficiently the emission control system is working and whether there are any suspect components.

I have also discussed some "tweaks" primarily the timing map that can be accomplished to increase your passing margin or turn a marginal failure into a pass.

None of this involves adding anything to the fuel, EXCEPT, maybe, a bottle of Techron.

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