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David: Just curious, why are you wanting to replace them?
On the clips, I believe it is the same as a 210 chassis. They are metal clips, upside down "U" shaped, that have inner and outer prongs, the inner set hld the clip to the metal flange that is under the door sill plate, and the outer set keep the sill plate attached to the clip itself. Them prongs are SHARP! When you take the plates off, seems like half of them stay in the sill plate and half stay stuck to the flange. I am unsure how it is supposed to work. In a perfect world, the clips would stay in the flange. I am unsure, but I think there will be no clips coming with the new sill plates. You'll have to dig out the old clips from the old sill plates and reuse them. I use a rubber mallet to reinstall the plates.....Gilly
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