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I almost had a van with a lady and her son in the back sideswipe me today because she wasn't looking.
I was even driving with my headlights on today! She started to come over, with room but it was tight (like one of those people that cuts you off hardcore) so I let loose with a little horn action (driving my bug my horn got used a LOT) and she whipped it back into her lane and was whiteknucling the wheel. Since I have been there and done a similar thing...I really didn't care but she seemed pretty freaked out.

I use my horn becuase I think its better than getting my blood pressure up EVEN more by flipping out. I just use it, and be done with it, move on.
Defintely not the standard mood of a 18 year old male driver!
I guess I just love driving my benz too much to get pissed at anyone in their econoboxes
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