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Quick update

After doing my 3K oil change today, I siphoned off everything from the upper tank, a tad more than 1/2 gallon. Topped off with bottled water and a refresher of about 3 ounces of water wetter.

While the engine idled, circulating the new oil, I placed a thermometer in the upper tank and compared the thermometer to the temp gauge for accuracy. When the temp gauge showed a little over 175F the T-stat opened, and the thermometer rose. Finally stabilized ~190F ( with the gauge showing about 1/16 of an inch below the hash mark between 175 and max).

I'm going to watch it close for a few days, see what happens with the mix watered down a little. I'll get a highway run in, with a few grades, and see how it looks.

I did notice that the coolant I removed (with the water wetter in it) was very, very slick, most likely the slipperest water I've ever felt. I guess that's the extra lubricity of WW.
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