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I hate the way people drive and my horn gets a good work out. Just today on the way to school I almost clipped a car. I was on a straight 40mph road doing 45 and getting passed like I was sitting still. Anyway I lady in a pos Ford going the other way just had to make a left turn that very second. God forbid she sit for a second and let me get out of her way. She floors it and just made it, if it wasn't for my quick reaction I probably would have hit here car right by the rear wheel and spun her pretty good. %&*%&%^&*^&^(^&^&* I would have been pissed to say the least. She would be working for the next 10 years or so financing an S320 CDI.

Anyway people are on my bumper quite a bit, because I refuse to go more then 5 over the speed limit around town. The cops have been out in force and I want to keep my clean record. So of course every jerk in town has to be stuck on my bumper. Sometimes I just wish I had a cheap beater, I would see a "dog" slam on my breaks and check out how the front of their new $50k BMW does against my bumper. Hmm $1k for a beater x a few rear end collisions...

New Haven is the worst by far, if they are not passing you they go crazy. I have had people drive on the sidewalk almost clipping my car to get around me at a red light so they can get ahead. Nothing pisses people off in that city like not going 50+ down every road.
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