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Yes... the blue ,green and yellow wires are the triggers coming from their respective locks.

On the 87 300E there are 2 three pin connectors and 1 two pin connector near the pump housing but only 1 three pin connector plugs into the housing along with a separate 2 pin connector (R/W and brown ground).

The third connector which is a three pin connector also with blue, green and yellow wires plugs into a white cable that disappears under the rug in two directions. I have no idea where it goes or comes from... It just lays next to the pump housing... and I don't know which of the two should plug into the pump because they are identical... with the exception that one of the two connectors has slightly heavier gauge wires.

Yes the car does have the anti theft system. I suspect that it is somehow incorporated into the three pin connector coming off the door or trunk lock.

1993 190E 2.3
2000 Toyota 4x4 Tundra
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