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i have noticed this phenomenon too, and have wondered about it as well. This, from observing female friends drive and use the horn (that last sentence serving as a disclaimer, lest I get accused for being sexist ).

for us guys (at least for myself), we instinctively know what a "friendly" horn sequence sounds like. Something like a short "beep-beep", which is akin to normal body-checking in sports, and not taken personally.

Invariably, the female drivers I know use the long "beeeeeeep" sound, which, unbeknownst to them, is very much like cursing to us guys.

Can the female members in this forum give their points of view?

Interestingly, if some driver does something rude to me, like honking the horn in an aggressive manner, and I find out that the driver is female, I don't take it personally ...
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