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Originally Posted by boneheaddoctor
I am tempted to sling Feces into their open window.....................

One of these days I might....
hey... not a bad idea! Theres plenty of that in my backyard, thanks to my new dog, the poop machine.

I had ideas of something front mounted to 'pop' peoples tires that cut me off or wouldn't let me in never got too far in the defleopment stages but I still like the idea of it, lol.

I rarely use the horn on my cars, I give people as much time as possible to correct their mistakes as possible before I use it, I feel like it makes me seem like just another ass in a mercedes if I did. Although today I HAD to use it or get hit out of my lane but some lady in a jeep not paying attention when merging across TWO lanes, well she was paying attention to, I kid you not, the mirror so she could see how nice her make up looked going on! for god sakes woman, just drive! I noticed another one behind meon the interstate this morning on the way to work reading as newspaper, eyes glancing up every so often. I got the hell out from in front of that nutcase.

The last part of my 280SE I had saved, the horns, are now on my coupe, unfortunatly, 35 year old horns are not very loud so I bought a pair of air horns I will be installing shortly, they ought to do the trick.

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