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Originally Posted by rwthomas1
A buddy of mine who has a long commute, early in the morning (dark) and early evening has a solution to tailgaters. He calls it paying the "tailgating toll" When someone is riding his bumper he opens his sunroof, grabs a handfull of change and tosses it up and out the sunroof! You can imagine the suprise of the tailgater when all that change hits the hood and windshield! Recommend only doing this at night when they can't see what you are doing. RT
Hey..I have done that before when I was on my Harley....I always carry a handfull of old lug nuts for dimwits that like to get 5 feet behind me....

One night in the mid 80's I was driving home from a long day at was like 11:30PM 4 punks , guys thought it was funny to get about 3 feet off my back 70 mph...I speed up they sped up, I changed lanes , they changed lanes...3 miles of this I took my helmet off...and chucked it over my shoulder and through their windshield...I bet they thought that was real funny too, since I saw their taillights three sepperate times as they spun out.... They were all college age guys....probibly drinking...

Only time I ever had to go that far to protect my safety.
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