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timing chain

It's not too bad you won't even need to put it on stands. First remove the valve cover and so the engine can be turned easier remove the glow plugs. Remve the chain tentioner. You might want to get a friend to help you when you start replacing the chain. Be sure to hold the camshaft so it can't move while you take a link out of the old chain. Attach one end of the new chain to the old one using the new master link and then turn the engine by hand (I use a 22MM wrench and turn the power steering pump)clockwise while the friend holds the new chain pulling it tightly so not to let it jump any teeth. This is critical. While pulling the new chain with one hand pull out the old chain with the other hand. When you have threaded the new chain all the way through remove the old chain and attach the two ends of the new chain. Replace the chain tentioner. I don't do this step but it might make it easier. Run down all the valve adjusting nuts and remove the rockers. It's a little more trouble because you have to readjust the valves but theres less likely a chance of jumping a tooth this way.
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