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Blower motors are nasty little creatures sometimes! When they go bad they will start pulling amps like gangbusters and if you have any problem whatsoever in the circuit where it can pull from, it will. If the circuit has a weak point it will heat it up. Not easy to tell exactly what happened without seeing the actual spot where it erupted, but I have seen some of those auto fuses heat up before and melt to the point the 2 poles connect together, this would create the weak point, or the failure. It is not the fuse or the circuit, but more likely the blower motor going bad and drawing too many amps. I feel bad for you because it is likely you will have to replace your whole fuse block. When you buy a car, always look in the fuse block, check the fuse sizes to the specified size on the chart and make sure no funny business is going on in there. The fuse should have stopped the motor, you had a very rare unfortunate incident. The fuse block has a lot of wires in there. If you are not comfortable replacing it, get someone else to do it. Did you open the lid to the fuse box yet? It looked as if it were still closed? What about the big fuse and relay box behind it? You have a lot of work to do, you will have to replace your blower motor and likely the harness to it, also you very likely could have a problem with your climate control assembly. Good luck!
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