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I am getting real close to having a good working a/c system on my "project" 1985 300D. I replaced the pushbutton console (thanks for the good price and delivery) and this allows everything to pretty much work like it should, the compressor comes on and off and the fan changes accordingly. Now for the next problem. It does not seem to matter which pushbutton I have mashed I am always getting the air blowing out of the defroster slot and not much out of the two center vents. I did a little troubleshooting on the "damper door" solenoid valves and it seems that I am not energizing the one that shuts the defrost damper door and, at the same time, not opening the damper door that allows air to blow through the two center vents. I had good suction on the vacuum line that supplies vacuum to the defrost damper door solenoid. Everything works as it should as far as turning the compressor on and off.
By the way the air temperature coming out is lower than 50 degrees F.
One other item - I replaced the rear stabilizer bar links and the noise in the back, when I go over bumps, is gone The old ones were totally shot.
thanks for any and all help/advise!!!!
'85 300D
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