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Help. I stored my '84 380SE over the winter. Started it several times and let it run for maybe 30 minutes every month or so. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a spot on the garage floor, front left. Looked like oil, but it was thicker. Anyway, started the car and backed it out of the garage, and on top of the spot was some milky gooey fluid of some sort. Total amount of fluid on floor is no more than half a pint, I would guess. Anyway, I let car run for a while, then turned it off. That evening, I went to start it, and guess what! It would crank but not catch. Car's still sitting in front of the garage. There is spark, battery is top-notch. But gasoline isn't flowing.(a) What might the milky gooey fluid be? and (b) am I looking at a new fuel pump or what?
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