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I am posting this because the pool noodle trick has made a dramatic change in these MB seats. There was a problem with the springs in that the seats would pretty much collapse with any kind of weight. That put the drivers back too low against the backrest, resulting in discomfort and pain.

I removed the seats from the car, but now I think the job could have been done with the seats in place. I inspected the padding and springs, which all appeared intact. The covers are in OK shape, but I glued some carpet padding along the bolsters to make them a little higher.

I screwed a pool noodle into each corner spring and cut it off level with the seat frame. Then I looped another noodle through the middle so it resembles a toilet seat shape. A third piece went across the front to support the front of the loop.

The noodles made some squeaking noises against the metal springs so I put strips of cotton cloth around those areas and zip tied it all together. Long cotton tube socks would have worked too.

The result is a very firm, yet conforming seat. I love it, and thanks to everyone here for that great suggestion.
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