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I installed a set of xenon HID lights (philips) in my 1994 S500 coupe...and I am pleased with the results, but I'm noticing the difference between the optical setup between my car and my friend's 1999 CL500. I haven't seen his car in awhile but I do remember noticing that part of the light pattern is "cut" from halfway down the headlight assembly, meaning that when his lights are on, the top half of the headlight appears to be the light source while the bottom half remains darker. I noticed also that my HID's are icy blue when I first turn them on, but settle into a bright white with a hint of blue and a hint of yellow...I noticed that the yellow is reflecting off of the bottom half of the headlight assembly.

ANYWAY, is there 1) a way to simulate, or a part I can buy (perhaps a beam diffuser of some sort) to achieve the same look of the 99 car, short of buying updated assemblies and 2) this is a long shot, but I love the "projector" beam type assemblies used in the late model SL's with xenons, is there any way to do something like that in an S coupe?

I know these questions are kind of vague, but maybe someone out there has an idea...thanks
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