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I want to try to catch you before the week end. Is it possible for you to copy the complete wiring diagram for the central locking system for an 87 300E?

I bought a new pump housing assembly (complete with circuit board and pump) .. but I still get zilch.. no response from the system when I lock either of the two front doors or trunk.

That means that the trigger signal is not being sent. So I need to trace the lines clear back to the fuse box, (relay if involved) and the warning light/beeper if appropriate. My info from Alldata says the car should have a warning signal in the dash someplace. But I get no warning of any kind...sound or light signal.

It is important for me to know if a relay is involved and if so, which one.

I'd like to work on it this week end if possible. You can e-mail a copy to me at or fax it to 301-292-1070.


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