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My 92 400E has developed a mysterious rattle of an unknown origin. This is driving me absolutely crazy! I'm a miracle ear candidate, but can hear a 1db rattle in a wind storm at 800 paces.

I took it in last friday and as of today, the shop is still unable to find it. It sounds something like links of a chain being rattled together, and coming from under the passenger side towards the rear.

It only rattles on sharp bumps in the road, or multiple dips. It did not develop after any type of modification or service, as though something may not have been tightened correctly, but more "out of the blue".

My mechanic has checked the dust(?) sheilds by the rotors and the parking brakes, but cannot seem to locate the source. Anyone with any experience? This could cost me as much as upgrading to the 500E I want!

Please any suggestions are greatly appreciated, it is going back on thursday!

Thanks to all!
Brian W.

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