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Originally Posted by nachi11744
You will need to swop the drop arm to make it work, it may not be as *light* as the W126 box, but in my book, that is a bonus.
Hope that helps.
BTW, check ALL the other stuff before condemning the steering box, like the idler arm bushes etc.
Yeah I just cannot have this car down for more than a day and if the steering box is bad when I open it up, it seems needless to put it back in while I wait for parts (and also why order the parts if I don't need them anyway?)

The car has 277k miles on it so that box is probably getting there..

Everything externally on it is tight and not even damp with fluid...the box is good other than that terrible dead spot in the middle (the sides are rather tight in comparison)

By not as light you mean just less power assist?

You are the first person to answer directly btw...its been a long haul trying to find out the info I need Thank you!
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