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Well, you have to remove the complete heater box from the car to get it apart. Dash, console, igntion swtich, cross brace, the whole kahuna. Big job, about 16 hrs. No shortcuts, either....

The case itself is held together by small metal clips, a breeze once it's out EXCEPT for one little nasty -- you MUST disconnect the floor air flap cross lever at the left side (if I remember correctly) BEFORE you attempt to remove that part of the case, or you will break the little flex joint on the passenger side. You have to buy the whole assembly to replace it..... I wired it, but it's better not to break it.

You must disconnect the expansion valve from the hose set -- a 10mm hex nut up by the brake booster. The expansion valve stays on the evaporator when you pull the heater box , and there is a new one on the new evaporator.

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