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Hello All,

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and share my experiences purchasing from the "FastLane".
About 2 weeks ago while driving home coolant dumped out all over my leg. Gotta love that. Anyway, obviously I had to replace the heater core. I was pleasantly surprised at the price of the core from the FastLane. (about $75, big job though.) I ordered it on say a Monday night at about 5:25 P.M. eastern time. Since The Fastlane is upfront about the shipping charges and quoted me a price of $10 for next day delivery versus the $6 for UPS ground, I selected next day. I figured that If I ordered that late that they would process and pick on Tuesday and I would see it Wed. I arrived at work on Tuesday only to find the Airborne Express there with my core at 8:15 a.m. (unreal) I couldn't believe it. Coast to coast in 15 hours for $10. That was by far the most efficient and fast acquisition I have ever experienced.

I am now in the process of rebuilding my head so naturally after my first experience I choose The Fast Lane as my source of supply for parts. Again I ordered late in the afternoon and sure enough the next morning the parts had arrived. One problem, wrong Cam. I thought I was in for a real runaround because there is no phone number or address on the website. I finally broke down and emailed figuring I would be lucky to hear back by the end of the day if at all. I left the office for 15 minutes only to return and find out that Bill Wood, one of the partners had called for me. I began typing a second email when an email came in for me with a response to mine and stating that he had tried to call and left me contact numbers. I immediately called and within 10 minutes on the phone with him had the part replaced and on the way to arrive the next day.

I know that was long winded but it is worth telling. These days good customer service is difficult to come by. I saw that someone had posted last week about there not so wonderful experience with the shop. So often the only thing companies gets to hear is complaints. I thought it was important for both the owners and potential customers to hear some positive feedback.

To summarize, my experiences with The Fastlane could not have been better. I hear they are in the process of expanding and adding a phone # with customer support. If they continue to operate in the manner in which I was taken care of they are sure to be a huge success and a shop anyone would be pleased to be associated with and comfortable buying from.

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FastLane, PartsShop and this forum rule!!!
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