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Is there any way a novice can easily identify whether a 1993 300CE is truly a Sportline model?

I am considering the purchase of a lovely 300CE that is badged as a Sportline (badges behind the front wheels and a Sportline shifter knob). Late in the process, I am realizing I don't know for sure that it truly is a Sportline.

Unfortunately, I am not terribly knowledgeable about the mechanicals of cars, and I do not have the technical expertise to look at the suspension and know for sure. If, for example, you told me to look for a heavier rear sway bar, I would be left staring blankly at you.

The steering wheel LOOKS a bit smaller than I am used to in Mercedes, but it's a tough comparison to eyeball.

The seat bolsters LOOK a bit more built up than I am used to in Mercedes, but, again, that's a tough call.

I haven't given the wheels a hard look, but I am not sure I would know what to look for.

Maybe I could tell something by rotating the steering wheel lock to lock. Isn't a Sportline supposed to be three full rotations, while non-Sportlines are more?

If anyone can offer a simple way that I could walk onto the car lot and easily be sure, I'd be eternally grateful. I certainly don't want to be driving a car that claims to be something it isn't.

Thank you,

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