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Johnson Chan
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Hello All,

I just got my euro lights in today, but I have a few questions that I am not sure of.

1) On the eurolights, they do not say Bosch on them, instead they say TYC-20 3091. There are no MB stars on the unit as well. Did they send me an aftermarket peice or soemthing?

2) Like I noticed before, there are fog lights, but there are no yellow reflectors. Therefore, I cannot use the bulbs in my current US headlights under fog conditions? Please correct me if I am wrong. I am thinking I might have to go out and buy those PIAA ion fog bulbs? Yellow light works much better than regular under fog and heavy rain conditions (which i always face)

3) Also the circular vacumm thing a ma bob (lol), that controls the height of the headlight with the vaccumm switch, is white instead of black. So thats another reason I think its aftermarket stuff.

Any verification would be appreciated.
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