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What is normal operating temp

My 85 500 SEL (US) has had a similar history, but with only 107k. The radiator, hoses, water pump, thermostat were all replaced at the dealer (MB coolant too)in the last two years at about 95k. I have only owned the car a couple months (ala newbie). The original owner was up front about the work done but made it sound routine. The dealer records state that the car is "within normal operating parameters".

The car runs in low 80's during normal smooth traffic, but climbs to 95+ in stop/go or city driving. The fans are working, but the car smells hot when I get home. Since I live in the northwest we are just now beginning to see warmer days.

What is "normal" operating temp? Is this something I should be concerned about, or just the nature of the beast?
What are other V8 W126's city/hwy operating temps?

Thanks for helping out a newbie!
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