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Originally Posted by rg2098
Well went to the store today, every thing's normal except for the new rust hole I found in the firewall under the battery on my rust free southern body and slicing my finger good pulling goop off the rust. Came out of the store, started my car, put it in D and press the pedal. It revs but I'm not moving, whats going on, I check to make sure its in D and not N and sure enough its in D. So I try to move the shifter a few positions and try again, shut the car off then restart, check the fluid (full), disconnect the kick-down switch. NOTHING WORKS. I was able to nurse the car the mile home.

-reverse works completely normal
-will not shift into first, can get it to catch slightly around 3000 rpm with the brakes depressed (load) and
s l o w l y get it to move until it gets to the point to shift into 2nd
-once nursed up to speed all the other gears shift flawlessly with no slippage.

I just replaced the vacuum modulator. 1-2 was tad harsh, 2-3 slipped a bit maybe 200 rpm, 3-4 was fine.

Someone please tell me whats wrong and that its a simple adjustment or spring.

Where can I get a quality rebuilt transmission?

From what this says and whatI have seen in previous threads and this one, looks like youll be replacing the B2 piston. Sure stinks about the rust too doesnt sould like such a fun day
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