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Originally posted by Clauser1
Theres only one person who can help you.
MBENZ.E-mail him.
Clauser, you were right!!!

My apology to all the after market suggestions, but steel carter protection plates are genuine mercedes parts! Mercedes sells the steel carter protection plate as option # 481 and as Clauser already guessed: I have one under my C250D.

The necessary part#s (for the C class) and some additional pictures are displayed on my own website...

For the C class you need to order the steel plate with mounting bracket (and bolts + nuts). The isolation material is normally for diesels only. The dirt covers have to be modified to be able to install the mounting bracket, but since the parts that needs to be removed is pre-pressed in the dirt cover it is an easy plug and play.

These plates are available for the W201 and W124 (and other models) as well and are not for dune-buggy use only.

The steel carter plate under my former 190D (that was lower as my current C250D) saved my engine for oil leakage several times.

1990 300SL-24
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