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Originally posted by ejsharp
The driver's seat of my 300E is losing back support but the passenger seat is still firm. Is it possible to switch the two seats.. do a kind of tire rotation? I am willing to disassemble and reassemble whatever hardware is necessary.
1. By losing back support, I take it that its gone flat, but structurely sound? If that is the case, putting in extra padding and foam-cushion might re-buttress some support. It is possible that an auto-upholstery shop might have the materials you need. As long as its something can be padded to regain that support, you will have your solution in time. But if the seats the problem, you might just want to look from the salvage yard on whether they have a similar one available where you could just take it out and have it rewrapped in your original leather.

2. Not possible to switch the 2 seats as you would have some technical problems from the electronics, together with the positioning of the nuts and bolts.
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