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Originally posted by M.B.DOC
The E320 (W124) convertible has 60+ lbs of lead in 4 places through-out the car to counter balance this effect!!
That is right, my 300CE conv. has a lot of lead in the trunk behind the wheel wells!!!

It is not something else that occurred after you got the top off...You could compare the car with a shoebox. Try to twist a shoebox with and without a lid and you will see why a convertible *flexes*.

BTW: if you ever get out of the North and start traveling to the South (where the sun can be found), we could meet up! I looked at the pics of your car and it looks great (personally I don't like the steering wheel though). Your car has all the (un)necessary options and looks like it is brand-new. If I remember correctly, it is a 12 valve, right?

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