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What happens is owners do not have the 'play' adjusted out when it develops and this excessive play causes the sector shaft gear to wear unevenly-more in the very center of 'straight ahead'.
From what I have been told by the *German tech* that was here in the 1980s to run the MB techs training school, the cars with the Zero Offset front axle geometry, ie W116,123 and 126, place very high loads on the steering boxes and this causes the *premature* wear, like every 100,000miles, you need a new box, but the older W114,115 and 107 front axle DOES NOT do this, so it may be just possible to find a box from a low mileage W107 that is in good shape.
Yes, by *light* I mean the assist will be or at least should be less on a W123 that will have the bigger reaction pistons(smaller reaction pistons=more assist).
Hope that is of some help and does not cause too many sleepless nights agonizing over MB steering boxes
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