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Johnson Chan
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Ok guys, one last question on these aftermarkets.

The lens! When looking at the lens. The headlight has differnt lines and stuff criss cross and so forth. I think this is normal because of the special beam pattern for the euro lights.

ALso on the fog lights. It looks weird, they look like hmm. Like a blurr. when looking at them with the fog lights off, they are kind of blurry looking but only on the top and bottom of the fog part. BOTH headlight assemblys are like that with the fog part, which means I dont think I got a defective lens. It kind of looks like there is water moisture on the top and bottoms, u know? Please verify to see if the hella or bosch ones are like that too. I dont want to exchange them only to get the same exact look. Thank you everyone for your reponses.
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