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I gave a good lookover to this beautiful looking CE320 (110 K miles on the odometer, two owner car) this afternoon. It looks awsome (factory skirtpackage, Sportsline suspension, 17" AMG rims etc.) but for one thing. There is a lot of rusting at the back of it. All along the bottom of the trunk lid, below the rear lights on the inside corner, along the drivers door under the panel. Most of the rust is under the paint, but it is bubling up, except at the bottom edge of the trunk lid where it is very prominent. My 86' has some rust on it but nothing compared to this. I am just wondering what's up with that?!
Was there a recall regarding this (the mileage seems to be original judging by the interior and the exterior, unless it was repainted, but I did not see any evidence of that)?
One would find this amount of rust on a 10 years old domestic.
I am wondering if the car was rearended, but if it was the panel gaps are just perfect.
Any ideas? Thanks for your input,


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