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MAN! That's a good question. It is definitely recomended every 2 years, so yeah, it should be done soon. On the service sheets we use, I know it is listed at the back in the "additional services" column. But the real question is if MB pays for it under the "free maintenance" plan. If I remember right, it is stated that they pay for "regularly scheduled maintenance", to me that means the A and B services, but the brake and coolant flushes are supposed to be done on a time interval, not by the FSS schedule. I don't know if this would be considered "regularly scheduled" or not. I would ask the service manager or service advisor where you have the car serviced. i will try to remember to ask my boss on Monday what he thinks, and maybe I can ask him for an official source for his answer. Actually, it will be Tuesday, the boss gets to go to the C-class sport hatch (coupe?-whatever) introduction on Monday......Gilly
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