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If you think the turbo is not kicking in, check the ALDA (aneroid valve)hose and the banjo fitting as suggested by Jim. Search this forum for more info. Here is the basic info before searching. The turbo starts creating pressure in the intake manifold, the pressure is transmitted via a small hose to the ALDA which is on top of the FI pump. The FI pump will delivery more fuel as the pressure getting higher, and you will feel more power coming out of the engine. However, there is a overboot protection device (electric/pressure control valve) along the small hose to cut off the pressure to the ALDA if the pressure is getting too high. The protection device is activated by an electrical pressure switch on top of the intake manifold. If any one of the parts is not working correctly, you do not get more fuel to the engine when you need it. Problems can be clogged hose/fitting (very common), bad switch, or bad electric/pressure control valve. Of course, the turbo has a device called wastgate (attached to the turbo) which can be a problem too causing poor performance.

Yours is 1983 model and the turbo should kick in early, possibly around 1400 or 1500 rpm. The 1984 and 1985 model has smog device which will delay the turbo kick-in, possibly 2500 rpm.

The car shifts hard. The problem can be no vacuum getting to the tranny (caused by as simple as disconnected hoses or a missing cap on the vacuum module) or the vacuum module needs adjustment. Search this forum for more info.

I hope that helps.

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