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The auxiliary fan has 2 speeds, depending on coolant temperature and refrigerant pressure. There is also the clutch fan, which should operate at about 110 degrees. If fuses are OK, check the operation of these fans with and without the A/C running. If they dont run, (volt)meter them with the engine temp. high. Temperature and pressure switches are the probable culprits if the fans are electrically sound. You can check the electric fan with a battery charger (make sure it can supply the amps), or with jumper cables from the battery. Careful here to disconnect the fan from its normal supply first and dont turn the ignition on. Spin it by hand prior to hooking up a power supply to check for freedom of motion. The clutch fan can be checked by simply supplying a known good power source to the clutch with the engine running, either cold or warm. You need to only check to see that it is capable of locking up to run.
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