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When you know your car better than your Wife--W123 300D & 240D

In 1996 when I got my first 240D with a leaky engine I rebuilt the engine and I remember making laborious notes and diagrams to store the parts, carefully placing them in labelled bags so that I could put it all back together correctly.
Last week, when I replaced my 300D engine, I did not label anything. After a while you start to remember what every bolt and nut and strange bracket looks like and where every wire leads.
This isnt bragging. There are people on this site who know more and who are smarter about this car than me.
I love this car. Its very dependable and very reliable and safe and it has personality, its not a soap bubble. Providing I dont pull another absent minded Flop, this new engine should take it to 2010.
But after a while, what do you do for an encore? No WVO for me. You have to keep your mind active....
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