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Brothers of the Benz, how often are we drivers of the Famous W124 reminded of the inferior headlights that the U.S. configuration has.
How many of us have modified the power supplying wires using 8 or 10 ga. wire and auxillary relays in an attempt to brighten our way.
Me, as so many others have taken my plain and simple way to get more light. (if you would like to have the instructions for this modification, contact me visa e-mail)
We know where the ultimate modification is.
Euros, at a very high cost to impliment.
There are used OEM units available, but the savings isn't so great.
Comes the DAWN. Why do we feel we must have OEM? Why not grey market? That wouldn't be any different that using a G.E. headlamp in a G.M. auto rather than a Delco- Remy.
How close do we members of Mercedes Benz Club of America read the Classified Section in the Star?
Issue March/April 2001,page 108, right column, second add from the bottom.
Tigris Intnl. New Euro Headlight(grey market)w-124 complete(less bulbs, I'm using 100/80w xeonon in my new toys) $145.00 each.
In my conversation with the owner he suggested he might take the OEM units in trade.
Not too bad $290.00 minus trade allowance.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from the Spiderman of Houston!!!
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