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First of all, ditto to what dyametricalbenz wrote. Drivers aren't much better in San Diego.

I don't know about all women, but when I feel the need to lean on my horn, I'm po'd because I've already had to deal with an inconsiderate yahoo earlier in the drive. I don't think there's a direct link to honking/PMS or menopause.

I've seen/heard plenty of MEN leaning on their horns unnecessarily.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in the left lane at a light during afternoon rush hour. Some guy on the opposite side comes tearing around to get into the turning lane, intending to cross over the double yellow lines. He's now about to plow into me & realizes I'm "blocking" his way. He leaned on his horn, gave me the finger & mouthed off. I sat back, crossed my arms over my chest & glared at him. The guy next to me let me ahead of him once the light turned green but the ********* caused a bit of a jam with the rest of the traffic. My husband hates it when I react this way (stubborn) b/c he thinks I'm going to get myself shot.

It's cultural too, I think. My cousin lived most of her life in the Philippines but lives in South Carolina now. I was stunned when I drove around with her a few months ago & all she did was blow on the horn for no apparent reason (at least none that I could justify). I realized of course that blowing your horn in the Philippines is just part of the language of driving.

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