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Removed the passenger side valve cover gasket was not too hard on my '87 560 SEL. The driver's side is a problem though. There are two high pressure lines right above the driver's side valve cover. One runs to the fuel distributor. The other runs to what I think is a Bosch Fuel Injection nozzle not, sure on that one. Now, even though both line runs to these objects. The other ends connect to what looks like the a/c line or something with black styrofoam with long, thick brass line. I am worried, to take these fittings off b/c, of the high pressure lines hooked to both of these but, wondering why it would go to the fuel sections of the engine then. The lines are right before one of the a/c nozzles so, I am worried that it'll spray freon or something. Help me out if, you can on this one. I really need to replace the driver's side valve cover. Oil is spilling out onto the exhaust manifold since, the gasket is bowed out in the middle of the cover already.

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