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While smooth shifts FEEL good, I don't see how they can be doing the transmission any favors. Smooth shifts=more wear on the transmission, right?

My 1987 300D Turbo can shift somewhat harshly if you mash the accelerator and suddenly lift off the accelerator. I wouldn't expect a super smooth shift in this case, because the modulator has to go from no vacuum to full vacuum very quickly to make that shift smooth. When I am using a nice steady foot, the transmission quickly and firmly "bumps" from one gear to the next, but doesn't bang like it was before I had a new modulator installed, nor does it sliiiiiide like other newish cars I have driven. This is about the closest this diesel can be to feeling sporty!

Seems that the desire for imperceptible shifts between set gear ratios is what's causing most of the wear on an autobox. Any transmission gurus care to comment on this?

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