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Johnson Chan
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Hello Donald and welcome back.

I do read the STAR carefully I suppose because I did see that ad and bought my euro lights from them. Most other people sell them as a whole set with the light bulbs and side markers and dont separate them.

I already have clear sidemarkers so what would I want with and extra pair of yellows ones? Also since I wanted to use PIAA bulbs, what would extra pair of factory style bulbs do for me? So instead of having all this extra stuff laying around the basement, I decided to get my euro from Tigris.

I had also checked out a place called Adsit. I did some searches on the forum and found out yuo had mentioned them before. I was going to get a pair of used from them, but I really didnt like the idea of used ones. I have all new paint, front end, clear sidemarkers, grille, bumper, etc. on my car and used headlights wouldnt look too good.
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