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In the last couple of years, 97-present, Audi/VW have come a long way in build quality and materials. We own a 1999 Passat Wagon with the Audi 1.8 20v turbo engine. At highway speeds, this car accelerates quick. You forget you're driving a wagon, in my case. The doors have that solid "thud" sound that I found missing from the latest C class MB. As fara as the 5 year service. All Audis come with the service plan. Audi/VW have 2 different warranty plans for their cars, even though they are using the same engines. VWs currently have 2/24 bumper to bumper with free maintance for that 2/24 and power train for 10/100,000 miles. Audi has free maintance for 5 years I believe, but the powertrain warranty is only for 5 years, whereas the VWs get 10 years. Recently my dealer said VW was going to discontinue the 10/100 warranty and go with somewthing similar to what they are using for the Audis. The new Audis are far better than the 4000s and 5000s of the 80s.
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