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Lou, Where Did You Hear All This?

Originally posted by Lou Nielsen
After speaking with the chem. engineer at Havolin responsible for their formulation (Havolin formulates for MB in America - BASF in Europe)
This is utterly untrue. Havoline has nothing to do with Mercedes antifreeze at all. True, the Mercedes antifreeze is manufactured in Europe by BASF, who holds the trademark and patents on Glysantin G 05, the anticorrosion agent used in Mercedes antifreeze. But not too long ago, BASF USA decided that they no longer wanted to manufacture antifreeze in the U.S., and licensed the manufacturing rights to Valvoline/Zerex, not Texaco/Havoline.

Check for yourself: (click on Technical Bulletin)

Oh, and Lou, why are you talking to engineers at companies who don't manufacture a certain product about that product? The simple fact is, they don't make it. Call up an engineer at Redline and ask them to explain water wetter to you. It isn't "snake oil". Redline doesn't manufacture a single product that hasn't been race-proven, or could be classified as "snake oil". You should go to: and carefully read the specifications for WW and understand what it does and how it works. Your dismissal of it as a "snake oil" tells me that you do not fully understand it.

Besides the final rationale you offer that the engineer you spoke to said, "that if there were a compound that performed as WW claimed it would be in everyone's coolant formula by now" is amazing to me.

Every antifreeze manufacturer on the market denied that Mercedes formulated coolant was any better than theirs, and are now scrambling to create copy-cat organic acid based corrosion inhibitor antifreezes just like what BASF has made for Mercedes for years.

The oil companies all once claimed that synthetic oils were "snake oils", and some even used to go so far as to say that synthetic would damage your engine, or cause it to leak oil. But there isn't one of them now that doesn't have a synthetic oil product for sale.

Believe me, IF the antifreeze manufacturers could steal or duplicate the formula for "Water Wetter", then, and only then, "it would be in everyone's coolant formula"...

Finally, your statement: "There are higher performing coolants available but they tend to be flamable creating other problems and liabilities.". Sorry Lou, the highest performing coolant on the planet is plain water.

I would not use any other antifreeze/coolant in a Mercedes Benz, other than the Mercedes branded, part # Q 1 03 0002, mixed with demineralized water.

BTW, it's available from FastLane & PartsShop...
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