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Wm. Lewallen
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To all,
Scott is right about the MB antifreeze. It is not made by Havoline(Texaco).It is made by Valvoline Oil a division of Marathon-Ashland Oil. Valvoline has there headquartes here in Lexington, but no mfg.facilities are located here. Where their antifreeze for Mercedes is formulated is anyones guess, since Valvoline does not make ethylene glycol.
As for using Wetter Water to make your engine run cooler(if you think it really does, I have some ocean front property here in Central Kentucky that I would just love to sell to you),save your money and just use plain water with no antifreeze to get your car to run cooler. Plain water will transfer heat better and faster than a mixture of antifreeze and water.
Bill Lewallen; Lexington,Ky.The Blue Grass State,but the grass is really green and so is our antifreeze. Has been for over 50 problems.No dissolved radiators..
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