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Fan Clutch Holding Tool

For those who want the satisfaction of fabbing their own "factory" tools, the fan clutch holder is a layup. The heavy chrome coat hangers found at most offices is the correct 3/16" OD that the manual calls for. Either look at the picture in the manual or check out the pic in the IMPCO catalog and bend your own. You only need about 1/2" bent 90 degrees at the end to catch the slot in the clutch. Then bend the shaft only about 15 degrees back towards the firewall (when the tool is in place) at a height of about 12" from the clutch end. Put a nice hook on the end to hold it on your pegboard and you're in business!

I've seen this tool between $10 and $25 in various catalogs. I've used mine several times and lent it to others. Never any complaints.

Thought this might help those that were looking at the pic and thinking, "That doesn't look like $25 worth of tool." It isn't!
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