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Audi is a good bet. I have not only owned several 4000's from the mid 80's, I now own a 1993 Audi 90cs (v6)(as well as a MB 300E). Aud is reliabale and has many virtues.

It has excellent handling, although it is a bit over-powered. On the negative side: the engine has little torque, and thus seems underpowered --esp. for a 172hp w/5sp. The parts tend to be expensive -- perhaps more than MB. Some things are oddly designed. For instance to change the thermostat you must remove the timing belt. Cost: $275. In most cars its a 10 min job. Also the v6 tends to burn oil(even the new ones). Just look at the web board at "Audi World". Frankly, I'm not impressed with this engine (v6) in any of its incarnations. Still, its not bad. The engine is reliable, and the car is excellent in the snow. And let's face it, if you want a front wheel drive German sports car, Audi is not only an excellent choice, its your only choice. German reliablility, road-feel, and design.


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