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Brian K
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Everyone says that Audis used to suck, but are good now.

My main problem is that people have been saying that for YEARS!

So I don't know what to believe.

I remember in the 80's, people were talking about how greatly improved Audis were. "Yeah, the ones in the '70s were terrible, but these new 80s are really good."
Then, in the 90s, people would say how bad the 80's Audis were, but wow, the new 90's were great!

Now, its the 90s that in retrospect were not good cars. But, the current ones, wow, they are great cars.

Audis seem to me to have historically used lower grade materials that don't hold up well over time. Thus, the cars don't seem to hold up well over time. Most 5 year old Audis that I see feel and drive like worn out cars. I'm not sure that the current Audis won't feel the same way 5 years from now.

Audi resale value also is horrible.

I'd never buy an Audi. I'd either just spend less and buy the VW equivalent (like a Jetta or a Passat) or spend more and buy similarly sized BMW or MB.

Just my opinion.
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