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I needed a new headlight glass and some window switches for my '88 300E. Decided to give PartsShop a try. I submitted a parts request form and inside of about 2 hours, Philip had e-mailed me the part numbers! Turns out I could have looked them up myself as they are in the FastLane section. So I ordered the headlight glass and the three window switches. Total including next day air shipping was $122.28. Turns out the wood dash and shifter trim pieces are dealer only so I ended up calling my local (Belmont, CA) Mercedes dealer. I try to avoid them, because the one time I brought my car in, they told me it needed tie-rod ends (among other things) and I had just replaced them 3 weeks before. They eventually apologized, said they had had problems with this mechanic before etc, etc. Caught them red-handed is more like it. Anyway, the total for the exact same pieces from the dealer was $168.64. Savings of $46.36 (27%). So, if you are thinking of giving FastLane a try, I recommend you do it.

Now if I could only find new wood pieces for less than $194.35 for the shifter piece and $243.80 for the dash piece. That must be one special tree!!
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