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First, I want to Thank Lou Nielsen...

Since I have been a member here, I have learned a lot, done a lot of research to find my own answers to questions, enjoyed reading other members comments, and had some disagreements with other some of those members. Some of the disagreements were reasonably pleasant, and others were not. But, I have never had another member who had valid points to make in rebuttal to my response to their posting email me privately to make their point rather than rightfully take me to task in the forums.

Thank you, Lou. You are a rare gentleman, and courteous to a fault. Even I, who respect courtesy and consideration could, it seems, learn a large lesson from you about how we should handle ourselves on these forums. I salute you...

Lou's point to me was that I needed to continue my research further to disclose just how Valvoline/Zerex manages to manufacture a product without a facility to do it in, and using a product that, he points out, is likely supplied by Texaco/Havoline to them. I don't have the answer yet, but I will do the homework and get to the bottom of this. For starters, I would respond that it was my understanding that Dow Corning is who actually manufacturers all Ethylene and Propylene Glycol in this country for all antifreeze sellers.

As to the original topic of Redline's Water Wetter, are we all missing the point here, and have overlooked the intended purpose and application of WW?

After reviewing the data provided by Redline on their website, I came to the conclusion that WW is: primarily designed to REPLACE, not supplement antifreeze when mixed with water in our cooling systems, to provide better surface contact with and overall heat transfer from the cylinder heads to the cooling medium, and in doing so, prevent preignition and detonation. In addition, it provides better corrosion and cavitation erosion protection in the water pump and cylinder head(s), as well as improved anti-scaling of the overall cooling system. But the primary function seems to be cooling to aid in combustion performance of the engine, not to just help it run cooler.

The fact that Jim gets good results while others may not, seems to have to do more with the antifreeze to water ratio he uses when using Water Wetter.

Go to the link that Jim provided, and read the specs for yourself. You may get something else out of this that I missed. Meanwhile, I will be calling Redline to pose some additional questions of my own tommorrow...

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