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Wm. Lewallen
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Scott and Others,
Dow Corning is the other company that makes ethylene glycol that I have been trying to remember. There are only two companies that produce ethylene glycol in the US. Texaco is the other one.
Do any of you remember a few years back when the Texaco plant in Louisiana burned down, and the price of antifreeze went from about $4.00/gal to over $15.00? Texaco has since rebuilt their plant and the price of antifreeze has returned to about $4.95/gal. It seems as though Mercedes does not know that the Texaco plant is back on line, because they are still selling their antifreeze for about $15/gal. Maybe the extra $10 is for the MB logo.
Bill Lewallen;Lexington,Ky. The Blue Grass State; but the grass is really green,and so is our antifreeze.
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